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proud flesh

Sox - 19 Apr, 2:07pm
Re: proud flesh
Sox has got heaps of proud flesh.Copper sulphate is meant to help(i think its copper sulphate!) but how do i put it on? and do i have to bandage it? If it touches on good flesh will it get damaged to?
Its obove her hocks so not the easiest place.Does anyone no if I can just get a vet to cut/burn it off or something?
At the moment im using Active Manuka Honey 15+ and black wound powder which did work with her other injury that got proud flesh but it took ages.........
Evelyn - 19 Apr, 5:39pm
Re: proud flesh
Hi Sox I've been wondering how her cuts were doing!

Buy a large jar of Vaseline which you use to protect the healthy skin.

Smear it liberally on the hair around the outside of the wound and also below the wound. The Copper sulphate (Blue Stone) will make the wound a bit weepy so you use the Vaseline to prevent the healthy tissue being damaged.

Clean the wound up well with saline - 1 tsp salt to 50ml of water. Put the vaseline around the wound as described above. Tip some Copper Sulphate into the palm of your hand and then press it against the wound. Sticks best when the wound is damp. Make sure that you cover the whole area of proud flesh. Remember that there are no nerves in proud flesh so it won't hurt. 24 hours later remove the crusted crystals, wash and re-apply the Vaseline and crystals. Remove the scab daily and when level with the surrounding skin stop treating it with the Copper Sulphate. Go back to using the Manuka honey.

Repeat the Copper Sulphate treatment when the proud fles builds up again. You may need to alternate this for several weeks as the wound slowly grows the good skin.

Be patient as the result is worth it.

Some piccies would be good!
Timtamkiwi - 19 Apr, 6:18pm
Re: proud flesh
i used a mixture of yellow lotion and copper sulfate to eat away at proud flesh and a puss ball that polly had in a wound on her fetlock lol, but you cant buy yellow lotion anymore. what evelyn described is a good way thou :)
Troy - 19 Apr, 6:53pm
Re: proud flesh
I was reading a shoof catelogue today that there is a copper sulphate pack that you can bandage onto a wound?? Ask at the vets and they may be able to tell you as I only quickly read about it.
SUNGIRL - 19 Apr, 7:34pm
Re: proud flesh
The best person to help with this is a vet, they should be able to give you something to put on the proud flesh to control it. Years ago the best stuff was called lotagen, but now it's not available in NZ. I had a pony recently cut himself, and developed a little proud flesh so I took the dressing off and let it scab over ( I was worried that it may cause a scar but luckily you can't tell unless you know where to look) this did stop the proud flesh forming. But check with a vet first incase you are dressing the wounds for other reasons too. The ponys injury was in the pastern area on my pony.
Sox - 19 Apr, 7:34pm
Re: proud flesh
thanks for that everyone :) here are some photos just so you have a idea of what im up against and where it is...

the other side isnt as bad and has just a tiny bit so i havnt bothered showing those photos.
Where can i buy copper sulphate from? saddlery ,vet?

for anyone who wants to see the wounds here they are healing up nicley.the stitches pooped so it didnt really close very well.

photos are all small :)
amazing how much damage could be done in a float ae!
Sox - 19 Apr, 7:38pm
Re: proud flesh
uuuummmmm thats POPPED not pooped haha my typeing is BAD!!!

also i am sending these photos to my vet
SUNGIRL - 19 Apr, 7:42pm
Re: proud flesh
Sox, I would get the vet to get you something quickly - there is some other products on the market now that you can put on that with a dressing that will help it heal. I also am an emu oil convert, it is truely amazing stuff. You can buy copper sulphate from gardening shops - makes really good hoof poultices too, can give the recipe if anyone needs.
Timtamkiwi - 19 Apr, 8:15pm
Re: proud flesh
i got my copper sulfate from the sadderly
jellybeanbee - 20 Apr, 9:13am
Re: proud flesh
It looks good - well not good but you can see the new healthly skin/hair coming around the outside which is a good sign.
Sox - 20 Apr, 10:56am
Re: proud flesh
yes i no what you are meaning jellybeanbea.try explaining that to any "horsey" person even!! the black wound powder seems to be keeping it under control.I am waiting to hear back from my vet after she has a look at these photos.
jellybeanbee - 20 Apr, 11:44am
Re: proud flesh
Yeah the first time I seen it on a horse I was like OMG! But once you auctally look past the grossness/shock you can see waht's going on.
Evelyn - 20 Apr, 8:19pm
Re: proud flesh
Sox - don't use wound powder under any condition as it will make the proud flesh worse. The antibiotic in the powder is great unfortunately the carrier - the black powder is not good. It causes a lot of problems - one being proud flesh. Keep wound powder for really tiny wounds.

Do check though with the vet as you have to be very careful if the proud flesh is in the area of tendons.
Gillie T - 20 Apr, 10:53pm
Re: proud flesh
I'm using Manuka Honey (10+) along with choromide (after cleaned and applied the honey). Her's isn't too bad and is just barely over the skin level.

Perhaps a pressure bandage would help?

Gillie T
Birtwick Park
balladonna - 21 Apr, 7:05am
Re: proud flesh
The best and most effective way to rid proud flesh is to use copper sulphate, but you use it in conjuction with flints oil used like a poultice..I have used ALOT of things for proud flesh ( a horse I had, had big gnarly proud tree fungus!) but this method by far reigns supreme! However flints oil is only available in if you have some aussie friends they may have some somewhere. Manuka honey would be the next best thing to use.
Sox - 21 Apr, 8:38am
Re: proud flesh
omg i didnt no it made it worse!!!! my normal vet said it helps to keep the proud flesh back as in stop it growing. im in a bit of a panik now lol.Im still waiting to hear back from the vet that stitched her about it............
i dont have any aussie freinds unfortunatley :(
the only problem i have is she refuses to wear bandages. she has become very clever at taking them off herself no matter how well you do them up with tape etc!
can i just put copper sulphate directly on her leg and leave it without bandaging or will i have to try the bandaging thing again?
Lollie - 21 Apr, 9:17am
Re: proud flesh
When my pony hurt her face our vet gave us this stuff to put on her face to help the flesh grow (there was a big hunk missing) and he said if we ended up with any proud flesh that he would just need to slice it off? We ended up with no proud flesh thank goodness but I just thought I would add this as it is a very different way to get rid of it than what you have all decribed?
Sox - 21 Apr, 10:55am
Re: proud flesh
well i wondered if they could just slice it off but itd bleed heaps and i dont no if the vet would think thats good or not.......
like just touching proud flesh can make it bleed.
Timtamkiwi - 21 Apr, 11:42am
Re: proud flesh
what i did was mixed up the copper sulfate with yellow lotion then put black powder over it to help the lotion stick to the proud flesh. so maybe if you mixed the copper with water?? or somthing else then put the black powder over top. my neighbour told me to do that with pollys cut about 4 months ago.(my neighbour is trained as a vet nurse)
balladonna - 21 Apr, 2:51pm
Re: proud flesh
you can get a gel from the vets, I have used it on one of ours and its good. I did bandage though, so i don't know if you can use it without bandaging. its called "solicite" or something like that
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